September 23, 2017

Long weekend adventures are best enjoyed without the crowds – unless you’re into having strangers pushing the boundaries of your personal space ,while waving selfie sticks dangerously close to your head (you laugh, but it’s happened). It’s all fun and games until someone’s iPhone gets tossed down a cliff out of pure rage.

As for me, I like to getaway and get back to nature sans crowds.

There is something so refreshing about being comfortably lost in the mountains. I take pleasure in waking up as the sun rises, and being in bed well before 9 PM - the copio...

July 29, 2015

Hiking in British Columbia's Garibaldi Provincial Park is this summer's must do weekend getaway. With 360 views of Whistler, Black Tusk, Garibaldi Lake and beyond, alpine meadows (and flowers, if you time it properly) and the crystal turquoise blue lakes, you can't ask for a better adventure. 

When I think back on this hike, all I can think is "Wow, that escalated quickly!"
Not only because this two day, 20km hike turned into a 3 day, 54km journey after one rash conversation with my hiking partners, but because after nearly three years of living with thi...

July 4, 2014

Explore the local graffiti artwork displayed on the historic train cars located just outside of Whistler, BC. Known to the locals as the Whistler Train Wreck.

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