Alana Britten

Lifestyle + Travel Writer 

I was one of those girls that laughed off awkward moments, joked around till the wee hours of the morning and practically fell off my chair when college applications came around. So I did some solid research and ticked the box for Print Journalism - story telling was in my nature. That ship sailed, and no pun intended, but after school I just needed to get out of town - so I joined this thing called Yachting. Somewhere between my hectic travelling, a broken foot and a desk job, I'd had enough and followed the all-Ontario dream and moved out West to Whistler, British Columbia. Climbing mountains is my passion, but they make your feet itchy to discover other mountains, go figure. So here I am...still traveling, still not sure what I want to be when I grow up, still avoiding the seriousness of life and still pretending that everyone else doesn't have it together, too. 


Here's to living wild and free


Where did the name Blondespiration come from? As the only serious question here, the only semi-serious answer I can provide is this. I was in journalism school and was told to create a blog as part of my grade. Typical me, I put everything off to the last possible minute and came up with the name based loosely on these things a) blonde hair was and will always be the only thing stable in my life and b) I wanted to inspire others to travel, create and live. You can figure out the rest. 

I hope to have it together... by the time I'm 72, give or take. 

My last meal would consist of... Hummus + Naan, Guacamole + Chips and Tiramisu. All your standard food groups.

What are three things I can't live without?  My two rescue doggies, my tent and hand cream!

The number one thing on my bucket list these days is... going on another 6-month road trip,.. I'm thinking Europe next time?